Who we are/ What we do

TAMPEP / Counselling, Support and Assistance for Migrant Sex Workers

TAMPEP offers support for migrant women, who worked or are still working in sex work.

We offer our counselling in the following languages: 

  • Spanish
  • English,
  • Romanian
  • Bulgarian
  • German

Advice and support in other languages as needed.

We offer free, anonymous and non-binding counselling in your native language to the following issues:

  • Registration at the police and at the ambulatory for STIs
  • Health insurance and taxes
  • Safety at work
  • Health issues
  • Residence and legal issues

We offer councelling in our office. Apart from that, we also provide accompaniment to the registration at the police, to the ambulatory for STIs or to other institutions/organizations, where you could need support and translation. Just call us and arrange an appointment.

We from LEFÖ/TAMPEP work since the beginning of the 1990ties in counselling, support and assistance for migrant sex workers in Austria. We demand equal rights and better working conditions for sex workers. Since years we fight together with sex workers for legal and social rigthts and an acceptance of sex work and sex workers in the society. We also support sex workers in their self esteem and empowerment.